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Unisex Baby Collection. The pattern sheet includes pattern for a shirt, pullover, pants, cozy pants, dress and jacket.

Design by Sabine Pollehn, released in 2008. Available in German.

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[english instructions/design examples]

JACKET Photo Tutorial

SHIRT Tutorial

HOODIE Tutorial

DRESS Tutorial

PANTS Tutorial

Design Examples

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[reviews, posts of finished garments, sew-alongs, etc]

Sewing Notes Edit

The dress was much more difficult than the rest. (Maybe cause the underarm binding and straps and interfacing added more difficulty to the pattern). The other pieces were really easy, got so excited about the stretch pants that I made 4, but I had to trim legs at the bottom cause my length didn't match. (Oops, sewed it upside down, the longest length is the top part of the pants.)The lapped shoulder T was easy too. (The directions on the farbenmix were the least complete with the dress).

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