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The Lore culottes and tank top make a cute girly outfit that is practical for them to play in! The culottes are made from woven fabric, while the top is made from knit fabric with a bias trim of woven fabric to create the straps.

Designed by Sandra Moser, 2009. Available in German with English online photo tutorial.

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English photo tutorial

German photo tutorial

design examples

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This outfit turned out beautifully with the only headache trying to use the German photo tutorial to do the front pockets (I've never put front pockets in before!). I have since translated the tutorial into English so hopefully it is a bit easier to follow now. The shorts have extra features which mean they take a little longer than your average shorts, such as front and back pockets and fack fly, but the results are worth it. The top is super quick and super cute to sew up.

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