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Pattern Notes[]

The Anna dress wrap/apron is a favorite of many sewists for its versatility -- it can be reversed inside and out, and front to back, giving you up to 4 different looks from a single dress.

Designed by Sabine Pollehn, released in 2006. Available in English and German.

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English Photo Tutorial

Design Examples

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Sewing Notes[]

Make sure that the two sections are made from similar weights of fabric -- a heavy front or back will pull the dress down.

Ties are not required -- you can use any sort of fastener. This works especially well if you make an Anna that isn't meant to be reversible; you can have the underdress/back section fasten in front with a snap or button, and only tie the overdress/front.

An especially cute way to the make the Anna is as a top, not just a dress. I especially like to do a button closure in front and back, as the ties can sometimes be cumbersome at coming undone.

One issue that seems to come up with this pattern for a lot of first timers is that there are no side seams. I've seen more than a few requests for help on when to attach the front and back side seams to each other, the simple answer is you don't! When it's complete your Anna will look like two aprons connected only by the shoulder straps, one apron then wraps around to the child's front and one wraps around to the back.



Midwest Modern Anna Dress by Wondermommy

Back of Midwest Modern Dress by Wondermommy

Fun Euro Anna by Wondermommy

Back of Fun Euro

Anna made with Moda Fabrics